Thursday, March 25, 2010

Post Care Treatment for Permanent Eyebrows and Eyeliner Procedures

Micropigmentation of the eyebrows can last for years by following a few simple guidelines. Some changes are inevitable. The tattoo color appears softer under healed skin.

Preserving the new cosmetic tattoo is important although some color difference is expected. Color seen through healed skin is lighter because the skin now is a screen over the original intense color. Delicate hair stroke pigment fades quicker than a filled brow. Black liner never looks as inky black as when first applied. Shades of green or blue may lose intensity. Eyeliner tattoo is initially darker until it heals and is seen from the veil of the skin cover.
The amount of swelling and discomfort immediately after is dependent on the technique used and the individual response. Usually, there is minimal visual swelling in the brow area. The eyes, if puffy, should not be so swollen one cant see. Avoid aspirin products the first 48 hours after the procedure to reduce the tendency to bruise and bleed. Cool compresses applied as needed lessen discomfort and edema (swelling).

Protect the New tattoo from Wind and Dirt.

A wound has been made and needs to heal.
  • Keep it lubricated. Topical Vitamin E, sometimes recommended, does not promote wound healing but does act as a barrier and lubricant.
  • Hypoallergenic non-perfumed products such as baby oil, paraffin topicals, or cold creams can be used. These products are not usually applied to the liner area.
  • Avoid irritants.
  • The technician may apply an eye ointment immediately after or recommend it for 48 hours after.
  • Be gentle with the area.
  • Don’t allow hot shower jets to pummel the area.
  • Keep makeup off the eye until the skin heals.
  • The complete healing may take 3-5 weeks but brand new makeup usually can be applied after a week.

As the Skin heals it itches.

Keeping the skin lubricated will also decrease pruritis (itching) and flaking. This way the pigment won’t be unwittingly scratched out. Picking scabbed areas affects pigment implantation also. Eyebrow plucking of stray hairs should not be done at least the first week.
Sun fades Color. Use sunscreens, preferably SPF 20 or higher, and sunglasses, especially the first week after the brows or liner are created. Tanning beds are also taboo at this time. Adhering to sun protection for the longer period will maintain the color longer. Similarly, eyeliner tattoo fades with sun exposure and ultraviolet light.

Everyday Chemicals affect the Tattoo.

Hot tubs, saunas, and salt water affect the pigment color and stability.

  • Tears are an example of salt water.
  • Anti-aging products often contain some type of debrider or retinoic acid or fruit acid product.
  • Check labels before using.
  • What promises to gradually take off a layer of skin will also gradually remove a layer of eyebrow (pigment).
  • If it "removed" wrinkles, it probably removes pigment as well. Professional peels and facials are also suspect.
  • Soaps can debride the skin or fade color.
  • Ideally, use preservative free eye drops if you are a contact lens wearer. Rubbing the eyes affects the tattoo over time.
  • Cosmetic procedures such as laser treatments, photo facials, and micropigmentation should be focused away from the tattooed area.

Time affects Color.

Pigment may fade despite doing everything right. Life is lived for greater purpose than preserving makeup. Speak with your technician to see what arrangements can be made for correction or touch ups. A new technician may charge the total fee for a visit but the original provider of your service may consider this a follow up with an established client. In makeup, permanence, like beauty, is relative.

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